Second Time Around - First flower of a new set on this orchid. The image is made up of 28 macro images blended together in photoshop.

Yellow Orchid

This orchid is setting out its second set of flowers since it was presented to my wife as a gift some months ago.

I shot this with my 100 mm macro lens at f/4.0.

Camera to flower distance was 30o mm. At f/4.0, the depth of field is so small that only a small part of the flower is in focus.

Using a macro rail, I stepped the camera about 2 mm per exposure to get this shot, stacking 28 images and letting Photoshop churn away on it for several hours for this result.

This post is part of the weekly challenge “Floral Friday” put out there by Bren Ryan over at Brashley.Photography.

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