What’s Going On?

Energy exploding

There is a lot of power being dissipated when the ocean waves crash against the shore. The energy of the wind, pushing the water forward across thousands of miles of open ocean until it crashes against the beach or cliffs that are the shore.

We are in awe of the event as the water is forced into stunning shapes. We stand on the beach mesmerized by the display of raw power. And then it is over. The ocean is still. We stand deflated our energy exhausted. We can only wait for the ocean swells to rise again at the call of the wind.

An Exciting First Quarter

2022 is shaping up much like the ocean swells. We started off with a quiet January.

February saw us travel to Oceanside California, enjoying some adventures along the way.

March was a longer trip. South to Kanab Utah for the Outsiders Photography Conference. Then, to Las Vegas to meet with my wife, June. A week in Flagstaff Arizona to enjoy the Grand Canyon and the Sedona mountains. Back to Las Vegas where June flew home while Liddy and I continued on to Death Valley, Mono Lake, and the Oregon Coast.

The final event of March was the departure of our daughter and her family. She, her husband, and our grandchildren have departed to Germany. They will be calling that place home for a number of years 😒.

And then April. Where we have relaxed. Our energies spent, much like that wave, after so many miles of travel and experiences to process.

Where do we travel next?

While we were relaxing, we were also thinking. Reflecting. Considering. Thinking about how we should chart our course over the next few years.

Obviously, there will be at least one trip to Europe – haven’t decided when yet. We have a family commitment in August and the Washington State Fair Photo Salon will consume September.

With large blocks of time committed, but not yet on the calendar, I guess Liddy and I will be doing more shorter, local trips, truly much more Northwest focused.

About This Site

Anyone who follows this site will see that we have made a major makeover (yet again.) We put the site in park in January as we travelled and thought about our direction. Coming out of April, we think our course is clear.

Dave has declared himself to be a Nature Photographer, and this site is his way of displaying his work. Check out his Galleries.

We promise to keep the galleries fresh, uploading new work regularly. We may add or remove some categories as our focus is refined (Nature Photography is a big subject). We will keep the number of photos in each gallery reasonable so you can enjoy the slide show without it being exhausting.

There are other things in the winds for this site, so stay tuned.

Oh, please throw Liddy a biscuit so she knows she’s loved 😊.

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