Watching Water

The sport of wave watching might be a better title 😋

We do have a lot of expensive glass brought to bear on the subject, especially during the King Tides of November, December, and January. This collection of surf images was captured in September, (when the weather and light was awesome) and in November (when the rain was pelting down.) And again, in December.

The weather was so nice in December that Liddy and I took a couple of hours to go walking on the beach on the north side of the park. But that’ is another story.

Click through to see some of the surf that the crowd comes to capture.

Surf Paparazzi by David Scott.

Surf Paparazzi

This kind of crowd is typical when there is a high surf running at Cape Disappointment.

You can check the forecast at some of the wind and tide sites. My favorite is




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