Waikiki Surf

Day 2 in Honolulu. Liddy, as usual, first thing in the morning, insisted that we go out and get some air.

I grabbed my gear and we walked down to Waikiki Beach. You saw the morning panorama that I captured in my previous post, The Islands of Aloha.

While the sunrise wasn’t as spectacular as one could wish for, the wave action was interesting.

Here it is, high tide, and the waves are breaking over the seawall. And, oh yeah, the swells aren’t more than ripples by Pacific Ocean standards.

This made things tricky while I chose where to plant the tripod for my Panorama. It made things even trickier for anyone walking across some sections of the seawall. Care for an early morning swim anyone?

This week we have been hearing how St Marks Square in Venice is six feet under water at high tide. I think we will be hearing these kinds of reports about Waikiki before too long.

As Liddy and I were heading back to our hotel for breakfast, we happened on this seal climbing up the beach. I think it was tired because it wasn’t working too hard against the action of the waves. It would climb a bit and then get washed down only to be washed back again.

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