Utah Walkabout – Kodachrome and Calf Creek

Kodachrome Basin State Park is a fascinating study in colors and shapes. The campground is at the top of the basin and provides access to many great trails amongst the hoodoos. When the sun is right, the basing will just light up with color. Not the case when Liddy and I visited this time, but the rock formations were fascinating.

From Kodachrome Basin, we move on to the Calf Creek Recreation Area. Liddy and I stayed the night here. In the morning we walked up the creek to the Lower Calf Creek Falls. This hike was my most enjoyed location on this walkabout.

Calf Creek is located in the canyon in our featured image here. Rounding the corner and seeing this sight in the early evening light… Well I had to stop the car and shoot the photo – for me, it is a stunningly beautiful location.

Kodachrome Basin

Kodachrome Basin would be a place I would take my children. Lots of places to ramble about and hike to. Lots of fun shapes are in the sandstone.

Calf Creek

Calf Creek Recreation Area is a small – maybe ten sites – campground on Calf Creek just north of the Escalante River. Liddy and I managed to snag the last site available, but I wouldn’t hesitate to sleep in the parking lot if I were going hiking in the morning. And hiking is why I would be here. The campground is pretty, but the surrounding wilderness is better.

The hike to the falls is an easy 6 plus miles in and out. It was well worth the time. Liddy certainly enjoyed splashing in the pool at the base of the falls, and had it been later into the spring, I would have joined her.

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