Too much innovation?

When I set up the previous home page for this site, I thought a huge hero image rotating across your screen would be a cool innovation. Trouble is it also comes with a butt load of maintenance just to set up a new slide. Run away! Run away!

In fact many of my designs – especially the places galleries require a bit more attention than I am willing to give them so… I am reworking them too.

Many of the issues arise out of how I have managed my photos in Lightroom. After giving the site a rest for a couple of months, I come back to it with fresh eyes.

I see that I have used multiple copies of the same photo in the site galleries. Instead of one file, there are multiple. Sometimes that might be good, but mostly, not.

Moving Forward

So… Moving forward, my next steps are:

  1. remove all publish folders from lightroom that are places galleries
  2. remove all of the Places Galleries and posts from the site.
  3. review each past post in Moments and the Rutter to ensure the galleries contain properly prepared photos
  4. tag each post to associate them with the regions that might be in the new places galleries
  5. create a new publish folder structure in lightroom that will be the new regional galleries structure
  6. create new places gallery pages which will contain the regional galleries

I have created a page for Washington State that behaves quite nicely, I think. This page is the pattern I plan to follow for all other places gallery pages.

I have used an accordion plugin to reduce the impact of the page.

The hierarchy is:

Lightroom Publish FolderDescriptionSite Page Section
State NameThe top level
May be a state, province, geographic region or a nature or wildlife category
Example: Washington
Page level – State Name
Tourist Region NameSecondary Level
A sub region within the state
Example: North Cascades
Primary Accordion
Focus area or TownTertiary Level
A focus area or specific town within the tourist region
Example: Leavenworth
Secondary Accordion
Contains description of the focus area and what makes it special
Contains links to posts related to the focus area
Contains the gallery of focus area photos

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