Thor's Hammer and The Sinking Ship - Thor's Hammer and some similar hoodoos frame The Sinking Ship in with the Escalante mountains as a backdrop.

Thor’s Hammer and The Sinking Ship

If you have been to Bryce Canyon, or read my previous post, A Utah Adventure: Part 2, Bryce Canyon, then you will be familiar with Thor’s Hammer, The Sinking Ship, and The Escalante Mountains.

The Hammer pokes up high into the clouds. Behind it are alternating bands of light and dark. The Sinking Ship is bright against the forest in front of the snowcapped Escalantes and then the clouds cooperate by lining up in a left to right formation.

A set of repeating layers lifting the eye through the composition.

I’m not so happy with the shadows at the bottom of the shot. Because it is not constant across the bottom of the frame, I find it distracting.

I’m also not too happy with the three hoodoos on the left. They feel a bit pinched because of how close they are to the edge of the frame. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch this when I released the shutter.

All the more reason to slow down and take a long moment to compose the shot.

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