The Puyallup Cluster

Liddy joined our family seven years ago. It was the end of April. We were told she was two.

We did not realize it was her terrible twos!

She was a completed pill. A challenge. And we did not know how to handle this beast we had brought into our life.

Eventually we found a training center that could help us. Pawsabilities would help us learn how to work with our little terror and enable us to keep her.

We trained in basic obedience. We trained in beyond basic obedience. We trained in nose work. We trained in Agility. And we trained in more obedience.

We entered into competition. Rally Obedience was the game. Liddy and Dave were coming together as a team. The Olympic Kennel Club was hosting their annual show in Enumclaw, just down the street from Bonney Lake.

Now this is a big deal. The Olympic Kennel Club has been hosting this event for over 75 years. There are all of the breed conformation trials, agility competition, barn hunt, dock diving, and obedience trials.

Liddy and I earned a first place and two of the three legs to earn a Rally Obedience Title.

We were liking where this was going. The obedience training was good for both of us and it helped reinforce the behaviors necessary in a service dog. And as I was taking Liddy to more places as my hearing support service dog… well it was a good thing.

We entered into the Peninsula Dog Fancier’s show in Kitsap and came home with a second place and the third leg to Liddy’s first title.

So, we said. So, let’s go further with this. We entered into the Puyallup Cluster.

The Puyallup Cluster is an indoor event held in January at the State Fairgrounds in Puyallup. It is hosted by three clubs and provides a great opportunity to show your dog in Conformation Trials, Obedience Trials, and Rally Obedience.

Liddy and I entered both Obedience and Rally competitions.

As you can see, we did pretty good. A first place, two second places and qualifying for titles in both Obedience and Rally Obedience. A great beginning to 2020.

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