The Islands of Aloha

We are freshly returned from several weeks in The Islands of Aloha. It was a wonderful vacation, as are most vacations to The Islands.

We started by landing in Honolulu, on the Island of O’ahu, The Gathering Place. From there we went on to Kaua’i, The Garden Isle, and then to Hawai’i, The Big Island.

Honolulu for Liddy

Ok, we brought the dog. Well, she is more than just a dog, she acts as my Service Dog which gives us special privileges and some corresponding constraints.

Rabies Free Hawaii

So far, Hawaii has been able to keep snakes away and the state is rabies-free. You don’t need to get a rabies shot for your pets as we do here on the mainland.

To maintain this situation, Hawaii has tasked its Department of Agriculture with screening all arriving animals to ensure they are rabies-free.

There is a long 7-pages checklist for flying into Honolulu with your dog or cat. There is another 7-page checklist for flying in to Kona, Kahului, or Lihue. You can go to the ANIMAL QUARANTINE INFORMATION PAGE to find costs, FAQs, checklists, and forms.

Because we laid the groundwork some months ago, we had no problems on arrival. Liddy’s vet helped us get all the forms and paperwork together. We sent it to the Animal Quarantine Service (AQS) and waited. 12 days later, I received an email confirming that Liddy’s information was good to go.

On arrival, an airline official escorted us to the AQS office where we surrendered Liddy into the hands of their vets. 15 minutes later we were outside waiting for Liddy to complete a long potty break. I surmise that the time behind the door was enough to match her microchip to her paperwork.

Next stop… Waikiki

Our hotel was located in the Waikiki district of Honolulu. Two or three blocks from the beach. We grabbed a Lyft and headed into town.

We walked around a bit to get familiar with the area again. It’s been 6 years. Grabbed a bite to eat, then walked down to the beach.

There is something about the sand on Hawaiian Beaches. Probably not much different from Caribbean or similar beaches, but I’ve not been, so I can’t compare.

Watched the sunset from near the Hilton Hawaiian Village and then returned to our suite for the night.

A great beginning.

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