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Working in the Office by David Scott.

Liddy was reviewing the site the other day and suggested we add galleries that are focused on the places we visit rather than just types of photography.

Northwest Places

And well, maybe some places a little farther afield.

As part of our evolution of this site, we took Liddy’s advice and have organized our galleries by location. Primarily by Province or State, but if the collection becomes too unwieldy, we will subdivide by town on country or some regional designation.

WordPress – Lightroom Sync

We use Lightroom to manage our images. We have been using it since it was first released and have developed a love/hate relationship. This has become especially true since Adobe released its mobile version of Lightroom (Lr) and relegated Lightroom Classic (LrC) to its development back burner.

One of the excellent features of LrC is its extensibility. LrC allows the use of Plug-ins. WordPress – Lightroom Sync (WP-LRS) is one of those Plug-ins. It was created by Jordy Meow, a software engineer and photographer based in Tokyo. You can check out all his apps for WordPress at He writes great code.

Image Galleries

Using WP-LRS, we have created publish folders in our LrC catalog which sync to a gallery structure in WP. When an image is added to a publish collection such as Northwest Moments on the LrC side it becomes available for use in a WP post immediately on publication.

The great thing is that if an image saved to a collection in WP-LRS is updated in LrC (a keyword gets added, or the title changes) then it will be updated on the WP side as soon as the LrC collection is published.

In WP, the plug-in ensures that images that are members of several LrC collections only appear once in the WP media library. Many galleries, one file. Great space management.

This also enables our Northwest Places gallery posts. We have structured the categories by province or state. In each category we have created a post to hold the region’s image gallery. As the collection of images grows, we can break a region down further. This way the galleries can be better focused based on the quantity of images.

Only takes a moment to manage.

Our Northwest Places

Here are the places we have at the moment:

  • Washington (our home state)
  • British Columbia (we grew up here)
  • Oregon (lots of cool places to visit and the coast is awesome)
  • Hawaii (not quite part of the Northwest, but beautiful and worth the pixels)
  • Utah (is Northwest of New Mexico – right?)

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