The End of March

Already! But it was only yesterday I was making excuses for skipping Christmas. Time does fly when you are having fun.

So… Where have we been?

Warming Up
A Great Blue Heron perches on a snag in the early morning sun.

Well, we have been busy. Went up to Mt Vernon and Conway to shoot Snow Geese and Swans. Spent some time in the rain shooting macro shots of Lichen. And spent a lot of time learning about shooting videos and YouTube. 

Drip Net
Lichen dripping on a rainy day in the Pacific North Wet. January in the Northwest does not lend itself to grand vistas, so I get in close. This was shot wth a 100mmL mounted on my #canon7dmii.

It has been the videos that have sucked up most of my time. An interesting branch of the photographic arts that is most interesting to me for its capability to tell the story. Storytelling is something I have always been interested in, hence this blog, but haven’t spent enough time at. Photography is an outlet for my storytelling. Putting the story across with a single image is very challenging. Hard to get it right.

Video has its own challenges. Learning about frame rates, LUTs, color grading and most importantly, the storyline.

A video has to be entertaining if your expectation is that it be watched more than once. Learning how to shoot a lot of short clips and string them together in a coherent form is a stretch. Doing this from unscripted, snapshot clips taken while out on an adventure takes a lot of practice.

I have yet to produce a video that I am willing to share, so no, there is no video here today. My work is definitely getting better so I expect to have my first epic 5 minute short out here soon.

Meanwhile, we will be out and about exploring the Northwest. I will take more moments to share a few Northwest Moments. Thanks for sticking with us.

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