Surf’s Up!

Our first visit to Cape Disappointment State Park was in February of 2019. We had heard about the stupendous waves and surf that happens here when conditions are right.

On this visit, they weren’t 🙁

But… We have been back a number of times since and have been rewarded with lots of images and great romps on the long beaches north of the park.

Quiet Time

We found lots of other things. The North Head Lighthouse. Fantastic views. Wildlife. But no surf.

Revisits are Rewarded

We came back in February of this year.

We were rewarded with good surf.

And again, in September, November, and December. There was a King Tide in November and December.

The November waves were spectacular!

December was good too. The last King Tide for this winter is in January. We will be back to record the action.

The Beach

And… Liddy and I will be back to enjoy the beaches. It is just too pretty a place to ignore.

King Tides

Spring Tides occur during the new moon every month. When the earth, moon and sun are lined up in a row. King Tides are extra-large Spring Tides that occur in the winter when the earth is in perihelion to the sun (when the earth is closest to the sun).

According to Wikipedia, the term King Tide was coined by the Australians over ten years ago.

Today, there is a lot of research occurring at the time of King Tides as they are showing the issues we will face as the ocean levels rise.

– Yeah – I know – Fake news right –

Well, I guess the engineers who built US 101 along the West Coast years ago were comedians then. Coming home from the November event, many places along the highway were under water including a major intersection in Raymond, WA.

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