Sunset Over Hale o Keawe

Pu‘uhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park.

The Hale o Keawe is a sacred temple where those who broke the law, kapu, could run to to find refuge and escape the usual punishment of death.

We were just finishing our tour of the Greenwell Farm in Kealakekua when I noticed the clouds in the sky. It looked to be shaping up for an awesome sunset. Trouble was, there wasn’t a decent foreground to anchor the sunset.

We hopped into the car and drove south to the Park arriving about 1/2 hour before sunset – 45 minutes before the park closes.

I am very happy with how this image turned out. The historic buildings being silhouetted in front of this awesome sunset provides a story that adds so much over just the sky or the temple.

To create this shot, I located myself so that the temple would hide the sun. This way we aren’t distracted by the big blown out spot that it would have been. Then I shot 5 sets of 5 verticals. Each set was blended as an HDR and then they were stitched together to make the panorama. All done hand-held as this silly boy left his tripod in the hotel room.

This is the last image from Hawaii I will be posting. At least from this past trip. The trip was great. We look forward to more visits to the Aloha State.

This is also the last day of 2019. Tomorrow we start 2020. We will see quite a few jokes and puns about the year and vision I am sure. I will be doing a number of rambles, and we have some new projects in the works. We are looking forward to an exciting year. I wish you and your family safe travels and a prosperous new year.

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