Steens Mountain Horses

Buckskin Pinto Stallion by David Scott.

If you have been following my Explorations category here at the Northwest Moments, you know Liddy and I went down to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in late October of 2020. An unexpected discovery while we were there was the wild horse management areas that the BLM maintains in the region. One such area is just south of Frenchglen in the Steens Mountain Wilderness.

Steens Mountain Wilderness Area

There is a sign just outside the Page Springs Campgrounds extols the virtues of the Steens Mountain Loop Road. A road that loops around the wilderness. Of course they do mention that there is a section that is recommended high clearance 4×4 vehicles only. That excluded Princess Prius from the tour. (Sometimes I wish 🤔)

Anyway, the south end of the loop is where I was told you want to go. This is where the Hollywood Horses live. Why the Hollywood Horses? Because they are pretty Pintos and they don’t mind posing for the camera.

Watching the Herd

I’m not going to say too much about these photos except for this story of Liddy and a Stallion, and its herd.

We drove a number of miles into the wilderness on this really good road, stopping to shoot the horses along the way. On the way out, we came across this herd sheltering under a copes of pine trees.

I let Liddy off of her leash and we ambled out into the meadow. What this shot doesn’t show, is the stallion that was standing over to our right looking quite looped, truth be known.

Well… that look changed right quick when Liddy started getting close to his horses. He became extremely interested in our Liddy he did.

Not being one to cause a scene, I called Liddy back and all was good. The bonus out of the incident was the different and more animated poses we were given by the big guy as he kept an eye on Liddy and I.

It was a fun moment. We will be travelling back to the Steen Mountains this year some time. We are in Hawaii right now and hope to return to Utah in April. Maybe on the way back we will do some more exploring of this wonderful area.

Steen Mountain Horses – Gallery

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