Do the Puyallup

The Fair

When we first came to Washington, it was called the Puyallup Fair. Then it became the Western Washington State Fair. Now, it is the Washington State Fair.

Most of us know it as The Fair, or The Fall Fair. In the spring, along with what was the Daffodil Festival, there was, and still is, The Spring Fair.

Spring Fair Photo Salon

The photo club I am a member of, the Tacoma Photographic Society, has been hosting the Spring Fair Photo Salon for over twenty years. This year was our first year back after the pandemic lockdown and I feel it was a great success.

Attendance at The Fair was down from previous years but considering last year it was a hybrid “drive through” experience, and the prior year did not happen at all, I think it was good.

Likewise, our photo salon entries were down. One hundred eighty some entries compared to the 2019 total of about three hundred. Again, I think it was a good show.

Dave’s Entries

The gallery below shows the photos that I entered. Autumn Sparrow received an honorable mention. I entered Comfy Cow Dog simply for fun.

Fall Fair

I look forward to the Fall Fair, with the opportunity to enter the NORTHWEST INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF PHOTOGRAPHY and the CASCADIA PHOTGRAPHERS EXHIBITION. The entry information is now available here: Washington State Fair > Get Involved > Enter a Competition (open the tab – Photo Exhibition Information – halfway down the page).

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