Spring Blossoms

It’s spring and the blossoms are being shot out of the trees like confetti from a cannon

So a few days ago, Liddy and I were out for our daily constitutional. We like to go over to South Prairie and walk the Foothills Trail towards Buckley.

There are two major attractions for us. Both bridges over South Prairie Creek.

The first bridge is a small one but there is access down to the creek where Liddy loves to jump into the water (she could have been a water dog.)

The second bridge is a beautiful arched structure made with laminated beams that spans the creek, a country road, and a small farm. A very nice place to walk to and enjoy the scene.

On this day, the spring rains and snow melt have filled South Prairie Creek to a point where there is no beach under bridge number 1, and the stream is too strong. As good a swimmer as Liddy is, there are limits. So, we continued up to the second bridge.

The height of the roadbed on this bridge is such that you are almost at the top of the trees. This day, the timing was right that they were showing their flowers and new foliage. And wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t have my Canon. Bummer!

We repeated the walk on the following day and this is what I came home with. Spring is such a special time.

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