Smokey Way

Recently Liddy and I were up to Sunrise, after sunset.

Sunrise is the visitor center located 6,000 feet up on the east slope of Mt Rainier. It’s an easy drive up a long winding road with fantastic views of the mountain and the valleys below.

On this occasion, we were up to shoot the Milky Way. Being on the east side, most of the light pollution from Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia and their suburbs is blocked out making for great star gazing.

On this occasion, the sky was not as clean as it could be. Smoke from the summer wildfires had drifted west, over the cascades making the sky above the horizon quite murky.

While this made the event less than perfect, I was not disappointed. You see I have no previous experience taking these kinds of photographs. I think that for a first attempt, the results were very good in spite of the smog.

Anyway, an enjoyable Northwest Moment at an iconic Northwest landmark.

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