When composing a photo, the good ones are usually very simple.
Few distractions.

That same philosophy applies to web design – simple.
It also applies to life – remove the distractions.

Our previous site had a slick interface between Lightroom and WordPress. The plugin – WP/LR-Sync – worked great. In some ways too great.

Create a publish folder and you have a gallery on your WordPress site. Add photos in LR, and they show up like magic in WP. Trouble is, there is a lot of bloat created this way. It starts to get unwieldy. The site starts to bog down. As traffic goes up, performance goes down.

The theme had oodles of options. Oodles of distractions. So many rabbit holes to fall into…

So… We are back to being hosted by Their plans are reasonably priced, they do the updates and upgrades, they look after performance issues. This greatly simplifies the site maintenance – they do it.

We have chosen a fairly simple theme. Portfolios or Collections on the home page, and news/blog posts on another page. The usual options for contact pages and about and such. Simple. Few distractions.

Now we can put our focus on the content.

Thanks for taking a moment to stop by.



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