A Seattle Weekend

Saturday’s sunset

January in Seattle
We were up to Seattle on the weekend taking advantage of a break in the weather. The nice thing is that after the rain has washed the grime from the sky, the skyline looks stunning! From Kerry Park.

I love the way Mt Rainier is framed below the clouds.

An interesting time in the Space Needle’s life as it is undergoing a major renovation after 50 years. A Spacelift, they are calling it.

This featured image is an HDR from two exposures. It didn’t take much to pump up the colors.

Distractions Abound

This past weekend, we finally got some breathing room.

  • The dishwasher that failed in October has been replaced
  • The furnace that failed in November has been replaced
  • The water heater that we found was leaking while replacing the furnace has been replaced

What more could go sideways? The roof leaking maybe…

So, having taken care of the usual year-end distractions – you know Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years – and the appliance failures – it was time to get out.

Saturday, Liddy and I went up to Seattle’s Kerry Park. – The iconic Seattle viewpoint. We were not disappointed.

Sunday at the U

I arranged to meet up with my friend Tim Clifton. He is an avid collector of architectural work and at his suggestion we hopped on the Sounder Link Light Rail, taking it to the University of Washington.

Drumheller Fountain

Drumheller Fountain
Mirror image reflected from the pond of the Drumheller Fountain at the University of Washington.
Lying down on the job
Tim is capturing the lines in a tower at UW Seattle. A restful way to photograph

I admit to not having quite the same eye as Tim. He has a unique way of capturing the world…

Tim was kind enough to share his work with me and it is stunning! When he decides to publish it, I will post a link here for you.

Update – Tim’s image can be found here: Into the Abyss

While I really enjoyed the day with Tim, and I did learn some things about shooting in the city, I will say that buildings are not my thing. I mean I like the shot, above, of the reflections in the pool. But it is a basic landscape / urbanscape shot. not quite as dramatic as my friend’s work.

Odegaard Library

I found an opportunity to shoot Liddy in an educational setting…

Outside the Library
Liddy sits patiently for the library to open. Reading is good. Knowledge is power

We are doing some Therapy Dog sessions in the local schools that are intended to help the kids get into reading. The idea is that the children sit down with a dog and read out loud to it. The therapy work Liddy has done has been visiting with a close friend who finds himself in a managed care facility as well as a couple of visits to Pacific Lutheran University to support their Dog Day. Dog Days provide an opportunity for the students to decompress during midterms and finals by meeting and interacting with our therapy dogs. Liddy comes away exhausted from being petted and handled by a hundred different kids.

We haven’t done the reading thing before. I look forward to watching how Liddy handles it.

Suzzalo Library

On the Library Steps
The entrance to the Suzzallo Library at the U of W. It was a quiet Sunday morning, with little traffic in the square.

We wanted to get into the Suzzalo Library building, but it was closed. Too early in the morning. I expect the stained glass looks great when you are inside with the sun streaming in. Oh well, another time. I thought the adornments on each side of the stairway up to the portico were interesting. While the adornments on the building are interesting, I can’t get too excited as it opened in 1926. Like most western cultural things on the west coast, it doesn’t exude years of history. There isn’t much that dates back prior to 1900.

Maybe that’s why I don’t get too excited about architectural photography.

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