Running the Rapids

This moment was captured in February of 2017. We were out exploring areas of eastern King County. On crossing the Cedar River, we found a canoe club refining their skills.

Searching the Archives

We have been occupied by other tasks these last few weeks. The result is, I haven’t any recent work that I feel worthy of posting. Fortunately, I have a fairly large library of unpublished work.

January 2020

Well, you know about the dog show and Liddy collecting a veritable bouquet of ribbons.

January is also the time when we get caught up on all of the doctor and dentist visits. It’s hard to schedule a time to go explore and shoot photos when there is an appointment set in the middle of the day.

The other project I undertook in January was an upgrade to my studio. Something that I have been dreaming of and planning for a couple of years now. It’s really not a studio in the photography sense of the word, more like a 10 by 10 den or, let’s call it the Dave Cave (I like the ring of that.)

Anyway, I have pulled off the molding, the paint cans are in the room, the sanding is done. I am installing crown molding and there will be new cupboards and cabinets. I’m excited to see it come together so…

See you in a moment ?

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