Cape Disappointment Lighthouse - The light towers above Wakikki Beach where you can find monster surf pounding the cliffs when conditions are right.

Return to Cape Disappointment

Liddy and I returned to Cape Disappointment on Sunday. The wind and surf reports were showing good conditions for large waves. Large waves here means some very large and interesting wave patterns.

Last year we were skunked. The bay in front of Waikiki Beach was flat as a pancake when we were there. Not so this year.

I was expecting the surf to create a lot of crashing and banging which would stress Liddy. Not so. The noise of the wind was louder than the surf so we were both able to enjoy our day at the beach.

This post is to set the environment and context for the next few posts as I sort through the 1500 exposures.

This post is part of the weekly challenge “Water Water Everywhere” put out there by Jez Braithwaite over at Photos by Jez.

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