Reflecting on the Fair

Summer time has turned into a black hole for me. Busy with many things, family, chores, and the Washington State Fair Photo Salon.

This year’s edition of The Fair is about to wrap up with less than a week to run. Then we will tear down the exhibit, putting it away until next year. I’m anxious to have this behind me as I want to get out exploring and shooting.

The Fair

Exit Strategy by David Scott.
A couple grab a hug while waiting to the rest of their party to finish their ride.

The Washington State Fair is a big deal, attracting huge crowds on a sunny day.

This year, it was touch and go as to whether it would even get off the ground because of COVID.

Fortunately it went ahead.

We did have to put up with a large number of scoff laws who refused to wear masks. Increasing the number of security personnel on site has improved that.

You want me to do what? by Dave Scott.

The Photo Salon

Even Liddy gets involved in the Photo Salon.

Our photo club, Tacoma Photographic Society, did very well this year with lots of members having been chosen as exhibitors. This is a big deal because less than 50% of the entered images make it onto the display panels.


I feel I did very well personally, having entered twelve photos into the Cascadia Photographers Exhibition, ten were chosen to be shown.

River of Aspen received a Judges Choice in the Scenic and Landscapes category. Nisqually Barns in Autumn received an Honorable Mention in the Great Cascadia category. And Me and My Shadow took First Place in the Selfies category. Nice to add a blue ribbon to my collection.

Parker’s Entries

Way back in July, my Grandson Parker, was visiting. We went for a hike to Sheep Lake up near Chinook Pass and I provided him with a camera.

One of Parker’s two entries was accepted into the Youth Category and has been on display.

Blue Moth didn’t win any awards, but it is among the few youth images featured in the exhibition.

His Golden Frog didn’t make the cut. Perhaps we could have cropped better or something.

We really do need more young people to enter next year.

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