Red on White

Last week Liddy and I made a quick run south to Mt. Saint Helens. The weather forecast promised sun with clouds. It had the potential for a stellar sunset. Nothing ventured, nothing gained they say.

We hopped into the Prius and headed south.

We stopped in Olympia for a sandwich and to fillup the Prius. While there, I checked the Volcano Cam. The camera was showing a clear view into the caldera.


Sunset at 9:00 pm – about – pulled up to the Lewitte Overlook, the last one before the Johnson Observatory. It was an hour before sunset. But there was no sun! – Dense fog! – Clouds actually because it is above 4,000 feet.


The cloud was sitting squarely on top of the ridge and didn’t look to be gone soon.

The alpine flowers were out. Plenty of Indian Paintbrush all over. Reds, Whites, Blues.

Trouble was, there wasn’t enough light to shoot in this cloud!


Ok – not a total write off, know the alpine flowers are out early. Way early I think. We will need to plan another trip for those.

On the way down the mountain, we stopped at the Forest Learning Center. I had spotted a large group of daisies and thought there might be something to shoot. I wasn’t disappointed.

This shot is a 4-second exposure. There was a soft breeze coming up the mountain which caused the daisies to wave, hence the soft look. I’m super surprised at how sharp the Paintbrush is. I mean it’s not super sharp, but not bad for 4 seconds in a breeze.

It is the soft painterly look of the photo that I like. Relaxing. Good computer wallpaper I think.

2 thoughts on “Red on White”

    1. They can be. With the weather getting warmer, the season is shorter and earlier every year. Damn shame really.
      Oh well – have to make the trek to Paradise (mt Rainier) today – pray for a brilliant sunset 😉

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