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The vernal equinox has just passed. Spring, for those of us north of the equator, has officially begun.

A week or so ago, Liddy and I took a moment to wander along the banks of the White River. The willows were blooming. Their little fuzzy flowers in full show.

Having an engineering bent, I seem to be drawn to details. I took advantage of the Canon R6’s focus stacking feature to capture this willow branch – well 35 different focus points of this willow branch.

The ProPanel

What’s different from my previous focus stacks is that I used a new Photoshop plugin to simplify the process. The plugin is called ProPanel by John Weatherby.

I was considering pulling out the credit card and purchase Helicon Focus, when I saw a demonstration of ProPanel by Unmesh Dinda on his Piximperfect YouTube channel and changed my mind.

In my opinion, for focus stacking, Helicon Focus is probably the best tool available. But… The Lite version is an annual $30 subscription, or $115 for a lifetime license.

ProPanel doesn’t do focus stacking directly, it just makes it easier to do in Photoshop. ProPanel makes a whole bunch of techniques easier to do in Photoshop. At $49 for a lifetime license, I decided the swiss army knife approach was a better value.

The selling point for me was the way ProPanel simplifies luminosity masks. If you have ever used this Photoshop feature you know the steps to create these powerful masks is complicated. If you don’t use them a lot, you will have trouble remembering how. ProPanel simplifies the mask creation to a simple button push.

I have been avoiding Photoshop in my workflow because it is just so overwhelming. I expect to use it much more with the addition of the ProPanel.


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