Point Reyes Wildlife

In September, June, Liddy and I did a road trip south to Napa and San Francisco.

In addition to attending the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival, touring some wineries and doing some shopping, we spent a day at Point Reyes National Seashore. Our timing was good, and not so good.

The Point Reyes Lighthouse was closed for restoration. The rangers at the visitor center suggested that going out there would not provide any views because of the closure. That was not so good.

The good was that the Tule Elk at the north end of the park were in rut, and might be visible from the road. We drove north to Tomales Point along Pierce Point Road.

Because the tide was unfavorable and the light was poor, we decided to skip the wreck at Inverness. This is a beached fishing vessel that features in many posts about the seashore. If you want to visit, plan to be there shortly after high tide so you can get a nice shot with the water level to your liking.


Chicken Ranch Beach presented a marsh area where Liddy and I were able to get out and shoot a Great Egret. This is a beautiful white stork that was wading the marsh looking for a meal.

Stalking Lunch

Driving Pierce Point Road, you pass through rangeland that is actively worked by several ranches. We saw a handsome coyote scouting the range. He was probably looking for some mice to enjoy as lunch.

The road ends at Pierce Point Ranch. This is at the southern end of the Tule Elk Reserve. Because it was chilly, and the wind was blowing in from the Pacific, we didn’t venture up the trail but turned around to head back. As we came up the rise to the top of the ridge, there was this bull elk with his harem. Beautiful creatures.

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