Pike Market, September 2017

Last week Liddy and I spent a few hours at Pike Place Public Market in Seattle. We like to take Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail from Angle Lake in Tukwila up to Westlake Center. Then we walk down to the market on Pine Street.

Pike Place Market is a registered Historical District. If you like crowds, eclectic shops diverse foods and wonderful flowers, this is a must-stop in Seattle. It’s fun to watch couples and groups take selfies in front of this sign.

The Crumpet Shop

The Crumpet Shop is one of our favorite places for breakfast or lunch. Located between Pike and Pine on 1st, it is a small place with a big lineup. The crumpet is an English vehicle for serving up jams to green eggs and ham. They have quite a system for keeping the queue under control and everyone taken care of promptly. Well worth the visit.


There is a plaque embedded in the sidewalk on the corner of 1s and Pike. These gentlemen drew our attention to it.
I have always known I would take this road.
But yesterday I did not know it would be today.

I haven’t learned the background yet. If you could let us know, that would be great.

Corny selfie

I did mention that everyone loves to take selfies here. I found this sequence amusing

The reaper

I have to say that people who insist on looking like this just don’t encourage interaction.

Flower girl

I was attracted to this lovely young lady by … well her good looks … The flowers didn’t hurt either. As she was oblivious to me, I was able to move around to a better position to capture her without the white backdrop. Amazing how a couple of steps can improve a photo.

Alaska Way Viaduct

Sometime in the next few years, this view of the Seattle waterfront will be gone. I think it will be nice to gaze out this way and see green space instead of the Viaduct.

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