Photography is Simplification

Photography is an art form that provides its greatest impact when the image is simple. When all non-essential elements have been removed and what remains is the essence of the story.

What I am trying to accomplish with this site is to present my work for those who care. That’s all. I’m not trying to sell images or workshops – not that I would be offended if asked – I am just putting my work on display to the world.

I feel I have over engineered this site. I have added too many bells and whistles so… its time to get out the razor and cut out some of the stuff that is in the way.

The Front Page

I have reduced our landing page to a simple Instagram feed. The last dozen posts on my feed are reflected here. The grid is clean and simple. If you don’t enjoy Instagram, that’s ok. You don’t need to click through. Anyway, this is replacing our Moments category. It means I only have to think about posting regularly to Instagram where I know I will have a larger reach.

I don’t intend to leave it this way. I need to find a good carousel or slider to go here. I want to have dynamic front page that encourages you to come back and see what’s new.

The Galleries

You will notice that the masthead has changed. We have done this to enable a clean integration with Adobe Portfolio.

Adobe Portfolio is a product that is included with the Adobe Photography Plan along with Photoshop, the two Lightrooms, and some other apps. It is a website builder like WordPress but with much less capability. Its sole purpose is to display images; photography. It can do it way better than any of the WordPress plugins I have tried. In addition, there is built in integration with Lightroom.

I have been using an excellent plugin called WP/LR Sync from Geordy Meow. This product enables me to publish and manage photos on this site directly from my Lightroom catalogue. If Portfolio were not available, and included in my Adobe subscription, I wouldn’t think twice about continuing to use WP/LR Sync. But, Portfolio is available so, simplify. WP/LR Sync is being retired.

And the Rest

As you can see, The Rutter has survived the cut, and of course we must maintain our auxiliary pages: About; Copyright; Privacy; Contact. Thant stuff.

Going Forward

With the front-page on automatic, for the moment. With the portfolio galleries under control, for the moment. Now, I will get back to improving my art, rather than my WordPress skills.

Thanks for the moment

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