Paradise River Valley

Liddy and I took a moment to visit Mount Rainier National Park on Thursday, last.
The plan was to capture some video and get some wildflowers in the alpine meadows. Later in the evening, we would meet up with some of my friends from the Tacoma Photographic Society at Tipsoo Lake.
That was the plan
Except for the video, it worked pretty well. While Liddy’s a natural, I need more practice on my delivery in front of the camera.

Cloudless Day

So we drove south from Puyallup to the Longmuir entrance to the park and then on up to Paradise. We haven’t been there in some time.
The weather was great for the tourists, lousy for photographers.
As you can see from this image, there was a lot of smoke and haze in the air from the wildfires that are raging up and down the West Coast Mountains.


Leaving the Paradise parking lot, we turned east on the road that circles the Paradise River Valley. As I said, it has been a long time since I have been this way, so the view of the valley and the river from the car was very nice.

We pulled off the road and walked back up to shoot this snapshot. I took it as a teaser so I would remember to come back up here later this year. Maybe September.

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