Palouse Straw


After leaving Palouse Falls, we drove south on Highway 261 in search of breakfast. Instant oatmeal and instant coffee didn’t quite hit the spot.

The highway crosses the Snake River where it is joined by the Palouse. A few miles further on, we entered the village of Starbuck.

Like most places in rural America, it looks like the excitement has long left this town. Wikipedia tells us it was platted in 1894 and incorporated in 1910, so… no, not named for the coffee giant in Seattle.

Breakfast was found in a restaurant located in a cavernous building that at one time was the Starbuck Drug Company. The ladies who run the Rebecca’s lodge provided an excellent serving of eggs, bacon and a very good mug of coffee. No Starbucks here.

Straw into pulp

I had notice some new construction happening just past the Snake River bridge as we drove into Starbuck and asked about it. It seems this is a new pulp facility. It is going to take straw from the surrounding farms and convert it to pulp. As I am a retiree from Weyerhaeuser, it piqued my interest.

I asked the ladies if this was going to be an economic boost to Starbuck? They thought not. They expect most of the employees will live in Walla Walla and commute up to the plant. The feeling was that young people today prefer to be in a larger town with more people and services. Its the socialness of it all.

About the image

Later in the day as Liddy and I were rambling north, this newly harvested field caught my eye.

I love the color. The wandering line of uncut grass leads my eye up to the brush and into the center of the image.
I left the bottom area, below the fence, in the shot to provide a base. I feel it works with the blue sky to frame the field as do the brush plantings on the sides. Lots of subtle lines for the eye to follow around that bright center.

What do you think?

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