Palouse Falls

Liddy and I are getting serious about our Northwest Rambles. Late last month, we headed over to a couple of iconic locations in Central Washington to see what the fuss is all about.

Our first stop was Palouse Falls. I think this is definitely worth a visit.

Because the Falls are so iconic, it is not a place where you are going to find a very unique view to shoot. After scouting up and down the river a bit, I chose this composition because of the way the weeds and the slot in the canyon wall, frames the falls. It was getting on towards sunset, so the clouds obliged with some pink.

I foolishly thought I might be able to get some images later in the evening, but it was so dark in the canyon, I couldn’t make it work. Also, it was a full moon that evening with the moon rising just on the left edge of this shot. Again, I wasn’t able to get anything I liked. My Tacoma Photo Club buddies have shown some really interesting night shots here, blending daytime landscape with nighttime stars. An excuse for Liddy & I to come back for another stay.

Behind us, the sky did light up and did provide an opportunity for this silhouette. Full disclosure, the color in the sky has been pumped up a tad. (It’s art – get over it)

We have had another year of wildfires here in the Northwest. I was going to say exceptional, but they seem to be the new normal. Anyway, because of the fire conditions, there was a big reader board at the park entrance proclaiming no open flames and no smoking. Fortunately for us, the smoke and haze that was filling the air through August had pretty much dissipated.

Words of warning. If you don’t like heights, stay inside the fence. The canyon is deep and there are frequent events where some less than careful people have given themselves a short and final lesson in gravity.


Palouse Falls is located in Palouse Falls State Park. You will need a Discover Pass.
There is camping here – 11 ‘primitive’ campsites and a pit toilet. Check the Washington State Parks site for current rates. Also, if you plan to camp, take folding money. The site has no way to accept your credit card.

Hotel Prius

Liddy and I spent the night. It was our first experience sleeping in the Hotel Prius. While not exactly the Ritz Carleton, it was much better than pitching the tent and sleeping on the ground. As it was late September, we shared the site with only one or two other campers.


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