• Hibiscus

    This is a Hibiscus.Well, you knew that.What you don’t know is that it is a composite of seventeen images shot with a different focus point then stacked and blended. I think the result is absolutely stunning.My new Canon R6 camera can shoot multiple exposures at different focal lengths. It steps the lens focus point from… Continue Reading Hibiscus

  • Zion View Weather

    Looking south from the vantage of UT 14, the Cedar Highway, you can enjoy great vistas south to Zion National Park, or snow squalls passing across the valley floor.

  • Cedar Canyon Cliffs

    This is near the entrance to Cedar Breaks National Monument which would have been a destination on our trip except it would not be open for another month. Something about snow in these higher elevations.

  • Great Basin Highway

    US 50 stretches 3,000 miles from Sacramento, CA to Ocean City, MD, neatly dividing the country in half. In Nevada, the highway is known as “The Loneliest Road in America”.I suspect that US 93, the “Great Basin Highway” might have just as strong a claim on that Loneliest Road title.

  • Buckskin Pinto Stallion

    The Steens Mountain Wilderness is managed in cooperation with the local ranchers by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). It is a vast 500,000 acre region south of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.The South Steens Herd Management Area (HMA) is traversed by the South Steens Loop Road making it easy to spot and photograph these… Continue Reading Buckskin Pinto Stallion

  • Lets Fly!

    A huge wave at Cape Disappointment looks as if it is spreading wings and about to leap into the air like a bird.The top of the lighthouse can just be seen through a gap in the spray.

  • Salmon Run

    Chum and Pink Salmon in the creek at Flaming Geyser State Park.

  • Bull of the Forest (2)

    In this shot, it was a little later and he had moved across the road putting the forest behind him. I like his pose and while I could probably take out the stick that points to his foreleg, I don’t feel it upsets the composition enough to justify the work. It would also break the… Continue Reading Bull of the Forest (2)

  • Bull of the Forest

    This handsome bull elk was foraging in the woods with his harem. They were between the road and Yellowstone Lake conveniently at a pullout, so it was easy to stay in the car and shoot through the open window.

  • Sunrise on the Loneliest Highway

    Driving east on US 50, the Lincoln Highway. Here in Nevada the highway is characterized as “The Loneliest Highway”. This mid-April morning, we dropped down from the mountain pass in time for sunrise coupled with a cloud inversion in the valley bottom.

  • Mona Kea in the clouds

    Looking up to the top of Mona Kea (4,207.3 meters, 13803 feet) you can clearly see the observatories.Ski season is open right now, but we came to enjoy the beaches thanks.

  • BC Parliament Decked Out for the Holidays

    The BC Legislature knows how to dress up the house for the holiday season.