Othello Tunnels

Early in October Liddy and I took a moment to go searching for Aspens in their fall glory. We did find them, but that is for a later post. This post is about the tunnels and bridges in British Columbia’s Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park.

The park is where you will find the Othello Tunnels.

Liddy was good enough to hop up on the rail and pose for us in front of one of the 5 tunnels and two bridges that once were part of the Kettle Valley Railroad.

Aside from the sheer grandeur of the canyon, the park is worth the visit because of the engineering masterpiece of Andrew McCulloch and his team. Rather than build a complicated and expensive track bed around the Coquihalla Canyon, McCulloch built these tunnels through the canyon walls, crossing the river twice with trestles. An amazing work when you consider the work started in 1913, and was completed in 1916.

The tunnels are closed from mid October to mid April for safety reasons. Ice and snow on the canyon heights cause rock falls. Me thinks Liddy and I will revisit the park next year. We did not allow enough time to do the place justice. It demands more than a moment.

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