The naked orange -

Orange Up Close

It started with the simple desire for an orange.

You know, the little ones. The clementine oranges.

I was looking for a flavorful sugar fix.

Of course clementines peel so easily. And then the texture of the inside of the peel, and the flesh of the fruit…

Well, the camera came out and the 100 mm macro lens was attached.

Orange Pole -

Orange Pole

Not being content with one view of my orange, I set it on end and made composite of the “northern” pole.

This is a focus stack of 5 images.

Why focus stack? Because I was using ambient light. An aperture of f/2.8. This caused my depth of field to be very narrow. To get the entire orange in focus, I exposed a slice, moved my focal point, exposed, move… 5 times.

In Photoshop, I used the Edit>Align Layers command and the Edit>Blend Layers command to pull it together.

A true peel -

A true peel

The same technique was used to create this image.

There is a lot of abstract detail here that I find fascinating. If you are in to these kinds of images they can suck you in and have you looking at the amazing details.

Thanks for taking a moment…

Stay Safe – Stay Healthy!

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