On to the Burr Trail – Outsiders Part 4

Lower Calf Creek Canyon by David Scott.

Our original plan was to leave Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park early enough to grab a campsite at Bryce Canyon NP. The plan was messed up because some bright spark neglected to check the gas gauge the previous day – having too much fun, I think. We had to go begging and a kind soul provided us enough to get to a gas station.

Anyway, because I thought our chances of snagging a campsite at Bryce were quite remote, we took a leisurely drive north on US89, and Utah SR12 with Deer Creek Campground on the Burr Trail as our goal.

Bryce Canyon NP

As I said in the introduction, Bryce was the original goal, and we did stop by to pick up and mail postcards to the Grandkids. We also talked a moment with the park ranger at the entrance. Apparently if I had been there before 2:00, I would likely have snagged that campsite.

We visited Bryce last year. You can read about that moment here. This year, I was thinking to do some hiking down into the canyon proper. Oh well, next year.

Utah SR12

Utah’s SR12 is a wonderful highway that will take you from Bryce to Capital Reef with lots of opportunities in between. Last year we visited Kodachrome Basin and Lower Calf Creek Falls last year and talked about those moments in this post.

Having driven the highway before, I was excited to see the canyons of the Escalante and Calf Creek again so, this is the small gallery from the drive.

Deer Creek Campground

There’s not much to talk about here. The site is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Nice little spot just off the Burr Trail, seven miles east of Boulder UT. There are eight campsites, and it is a great spot to explore the trail from. Like most BLM sites I have been to, there is a small fee and a vault toilet. Not your KOA, but hey, I think these sites are way better than the Walmart parking lot.

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