On migrating from WordPress.Com

I feel a need to explain why I decided to make major changes to our web presence.

WordPress, as most people know, is software that presents you or your business to the web. All software requires a server to host it. The software ‘runs’ on that server.

Hosting companies provide servers to host your software. In this case, WordPress.

There is a multitude of companies that provide this kind of service including WordPress.com. WordPress.com is the developer behind the software, WordPress (confusing, right?)

Some years ago, I moved my website, anwmoment.com, to be hosted by WordPress.com. I did this because I did not want to mess with the constant upgrades and maintenance that was required. It was an attempt to simplify. To put aside something I didn’t want to distract me.

Last year, version 5 of the software, WordPress (WP), was released. This version featured a major change to the way WP presents your or my work. The change has been controversial, to say the least.

I chose to embrace the change and go with the new Gutenberg editor an all of its blocks. While confusing at first, I find this way of presenting my work much more satisfying. – not saying that the original release wasn’t without its issues –

With this new functionality, I found the hosting environment provided by WordPress.com to be constraining. In that environment, you can not install plugins unless you subscribe to their top-end product. A little bit expensive for my wallet.

So, we are back on a self-hosted platform. We are using Name Cheap. They have good hosting service and their tech support has been great.

What about the maintenance issues? Well, things change. WP now automatically updates and plugins can be set to auto-update (a risky thing that). I have reduced the risk of an auto-update crashing this site by staying close to the mainstream. No exotic plugins; no multi-featured themes. Keep it simple.

OK – now you know – if you cared ☺

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