O’Farrell Bridge

Now known as the Fairfax Bridge, it was originally named the O’Farrell Bridge when built during 1921. The deck of this steel-latticed three-hinged-bridge is 250 feet above the Carbon River.

You will cross this bridge on the way to the Carbon River Ranger Station, or Mowich Lake, both in Mt Rainier National Park.

Funny thing – Liddy and I were out here, almost to the day, last year. I like this year’s photo better because it doesn’t feel as crowded as this previous one (right). I feel you can enjoy more of the environment around the bridge.

Here are the two photos together. January 2020 – left, January 2019, right.
Click on either one to view in a lightbox.

What do you think?

Wikipedia has more information about the bridge here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairfax_Bridge_(Washington)

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