New Year, New Start

Christmas lights festoon the Buchart Gardens turning them into a fairyland.

Somebody out there may have noticed that I had this site in maintenance mode for the first two or three weeks of January. Thank you for noticing and thank you for your patience.


I would like to take a moment to explain why we have remodeled and in what direction we think we are going.

Here are a couple of reasons for making these changes.


The biggest hassle with running a website, like most things with moving parts, is the maintenance. The care and feeding. In the case of a website, it is the feeding. The constant need for new or fresh content.

I was not happy with our previous site design because I was not able to keep up with the content creation. Way too many distractions and other responsibilities were getting in the way. I needed to fix that.

Liddy sits on a stone bench above the town of Kanab, Utah. She is sporting her new set of Rex Specs. Fashion forward what?

Overly Complicated

I am a technical geek. I love to tinker. Always have.

I found some components for the site that were, I thought, really cool. Provided lots of splash. Of course, those splashy items required extra thought and planning when it came time to update them. The updates didn’t happen.

Moving Forward

So… Where am I going?

Daily Updates

What?? You just said you were having trouble adding content in a timely manner. How the devil are you going to do daily updates!!?

You will notice that the front page, the landing page for the site is now a blog feed. The feed will mostly contain a post of a single image with a short caption. I plan to queue up about 10 to 14 posts at a time using my image library. This process goes quickly. I just put up all of the posts for January and it only took 90 minutes because it is a very simple process.


I haven’t implemented my journal page, The Rutter, or my galleries yet, but again the plan is to keep it simple.

For the Galleries, when implemented, there will be a tab on the main menu. This will present the Galleries Page which will explain how I have organized them into regions and sub regions. I am thinking no more than thirty photos to a gallery.

At the beginning of each month, all of the photos from the previous month will be available in a single gallery which can be viewed as a slideshow in the lightbox. If the photo has location information, you will be able to bring it up on a map.

Enjoy the moment

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