My Standing Desk - Note the steel wires hanging from the ceiling. Allows me to hang prints using magnets

My Workspace

You can’t be effective in your work if your workspace isn’t one of your happy spaces.

This short story is about how the Dave Cave has evolved into my happy space.

What has this got to do with Photography?

Well if you spend hours slaving over a few hundred images, it’s good to have a workspace that you enjoy. I love being able to look out onto the street and enjoy the gardens as well as the families going by on the way to school.

The beginning

We have lived in our home for over 20 years now.

My den was originally covered in wall to wall carpet.

I purchased this large corner wall unit. At the time, it was awesome. A computer cabinet on the left, filing cabinets on the right, built-in bookcases and display cases. Awesome.

Of course, it was dark in that desk area and it ate up half of the room. The desk was cramped. After 7 years it was time for a change. My attempt to sell it was unsuccessful, so I broke it down and used parts of it. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but I knew it wasn’t this.

My Standing Desk - Note the steel wires hanging from the ceiling. Allows me to hang prints using magnets

New flooring

A few years ago, we replace most of the flooring from our front door through to the back door. We put in Travertine Tiles. It looks great.

In my den, I replaced my corner desk with this standing desk from Ikea. The price was good, and the work area allows me to spread my disarray in an organized fashion – if you know what I mean.

I tried it in front of the window, but it didn’t feel right with the big monitor blocking half the view.

New Cabinets

So for about two years now, I have been looking at different cabinet combinations at Ikea. I finally settled on their Havsta line.

In February, I emptied the den, sent the curtains out for cleaning, and installed crown molding.

As you can see, the cabinet with a hutch and two storage units with sliding doors exactly fits one wall. It also fits, with a hair to spare, my Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer. I installed a pull-out shelf for it. The large 13 x 19 sheets of photo paper have a home on the shelf directly above the printer – perfect.

I also added a Billy bookshelf behind the door where it fits quite nicely.

On three of the walls, we installed a STAS picture hanging system. Just under the crown molding is a slotted track that hanging cords are set into. A “zipper” attachment is put onto the cord and now you can hang a picture at any height, anywhere along the wall. I took advantage of the system to create a display for Liddy’s trophies. Looking at the photo now, I see I have made it into a “dog” wall what with Wyle E. Coyote, the dog chair and all…

Liddy watches the front street -

A Happy Space


I love the clean bright space.

The storage cabinets take most of my stuff. I used plastic shoe boxes to hold different paraphernalia such as lights, lenses, spare batteries, chargers, wires…

There are banker boxes with files in one unit along with my camera bags and tripods. Another banker box contains all the smaller photo papers.

Chaos contained.

Having most everything sorted with a proper place is a big stress reliever.

And the printer…

Stroke of genius I think.

Being able to simply turn about in my chair, pull out the printer, put in the paper and hit go…

I really like this new, brighter, Dave Cave and Liddy doesn’t seem to mind either.

Do you have a happy place? A retreat where you can retire to and be productive? It’s an important piece of your kit.

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