Mt Saint Helens – East

This is my last post about our fall wanders along the Lewis River in Southwestern Washington.

After shooting the Upper Lewis Falls, Liddy and I did a quick hike back down the Lewis River to the Middle Falls where we left the Prius.

There had been 4 other cars in the parking lot at this trail-head when we got here. Now, about 15 minutes before sunset, there were none. As we had not seen anyone else on the trail while we were out, I can only assume those people went downriver to the Lower Lewis River Falls. A location which we will visit at some time in the future.

A Good Nights Park

I decided to get a bit closer to Cougar before dark. The road is good, but there are some sinkholes that have the capability of eating our Prius. I didn’t want to find one of these by accident in the dark.

We found a spot where the Prius would be clear of the road and called it a night. Only 7:30, but when the lights are out… it’s black!

As usual, I found I had brought too much stuff. My fearless companion Liddy, decided she wanted to cuddle up with me which cramped my space. I have to wonder why I gave her the entire left-hand rear seat for her bed when she didn’t want to use it.

We didn’t get much sleep.

Mt Saint Helens

The road from Cougar to Randle, FS Road 25, intersects FS Road 90, which we were parked beside. As the rains were gone and we had the promise of blue skies, we decided to take it north rather than driving back out to the interstate.

The road is in good repair by Forest Service standards. This was a good thing as we climbed up over 4,000 feet at one point. There was a lot of ice up there. The road was more white than blacktop.

On the north side of the pass, there is an overlook that provides this view of Mount Saint Helens. It was about 7:45 according to my camera – I thought it was more like 8:45, but I am getting on.

A Stunning View

The fresh snow from yesterday’s storm has put the mountain in bright contrast to the clear blue skies above it.

The snow on the trees across the valley helps to provide interest in what is usually a monotonous expanse of green that is the Northwest Forest. The occasional splash of autumn colors helps with that too.

I like the way the foreground trees, then the valley bottom, then the shadow line followed by the ridge before the mountain. I like the way they all come together to provide depth to the image.

Different Perspective

I did move the tripod a bit and captured a different perspective, putting the mountain off to the left. I thought it might be better than the centered view I am featuring.

In this case, I think the centered mountain wins.

To me’ it simply has more impact.

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