Mt Rainier Sunset

The plan was… Drive up to Tipsoo Lake and check out the wildflowers. Continue south to Stevens Canyon Road. Visit Silver Falls, move on to Paradise to shoot wildflowers. Double back to Reflection Lake to get a sunset shot of the mountain.

That was the plan…

We got away late, so we skipped Tipsoo Lake.

Silver Falls

is on the Ohanapecosh River near the southeast entrance to Mt Rainier National Park.

From the Grove of the Patriarchs parking lot, you follow the East Side Trail for about a mile. It follows the river and then crosses. If you stay on the trail you will loop up to SR 123 and then back to the park entrance.

As you can see, it was a nice day for shooting waterfalls.

Cornus Canadensis
or Bunch Berry

Wildflowers were also on the shot list.

Once upon a time, I thought a career in biology or ecology would be fun. It was a long time ago, and I took up electronics instead. Go figure…

Anyway, Cornus canadensis, somehow stuck as a favorite wildflower. And there were quite a few to choose from along the trail above the river.

Pasqueflower in Paradise

Arriving at Paradise, we found the flowers not quite as advanced as at Mt. Saint Helens.

I had a devil of a time identifying these Pasqueflowers as they grow quite tall. Right now they are in bloom and just inches above the ground. In a month, they will be towering over most other flowers at a height of two feet.

Pinnacle and Denman Peaks stand in the background to the south.

Liddy met her first Marmot here on the meadows above Paradise. The colony was out and active. Totaly tame. One of the critters wandered over within 20 feet of us.

I don’t know what Liddy was thinking as she was looking at this overgrown squirrel.

The nice thing was she didn’t put up any fuss but for some pulling on the leash. She reserved her growls for the tourists out trampling the meadow flowers.

Mt Rainier from Reflection Lake

We arrived back at Reflection Lake in plenty of time for Sunset.

The skies looked promising, and the clouds coming up from the Nisqually River Valley were putting on a nice display

That is until moments before Sunset. Right at Sunset, the breeze dropped, the lake became still, and the clouds totally obscured the mountain.


Liddy was quite patient with me, as usual.

While we were waiting, she laszd on the rock wall beside the lake.

I suggested she relocate to her bed as it was getting cold.

She didn’t put up an argument.

Sunset was at 9:00, we were home shortly after 11:00. A good day.!

The road to Sunrise opens on June 28th, and I anticipate the meadows will be awash in color by the time I get up there.

There is also an opportunity to shoot the Milky Way next week. We shall have to see.

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