Northwest Moments

Take a moment to enjoy some of the moments we have captured.
There are always a few words behind the photo.

Who the heck are you? - A Pine Siskin perches atop a lupin while observing the silly human with the camera

Lupines and Siskens

Puyallup’s Van Lierop Park is awash in Lupines. The Lupines have attracted all number of birds including this Pine Sisken
May Flowers - from April showers

May Flowers

California Poppies in Van Lierop Park, Puyallup, WA
Thor's Hammer and The Sinking Ship - Thor's Hammer and some similar hoodoos frame The Sinking Ship in with the Escalante mountains as a backdrop.

Thor’s Hammer and The Sinking Ship

Thor’s Hammer and The Sinking Ship If you have been to Bryce Canyon, or read my previous post, A Utah Adventure: Part 2, Bryce Canyon, then you will be familiar with Thor’s Hammer, The Sinking Ship, and The Escalante Mountains. The Hammer pokes up high into the clouds. Behind it…
Lower Calf Creek Falls - The end to our hike. A lovely little waterfall with a great swimming hole - Liddy thought so - I thought it to be a bit chilly

A Utah Adventure: Part 4, Lower Calf Creek Falls

By Northwest standards, Lower Calf Creek Falls is about a 5 or 6. We can find waterfalls on just about any road in the Cascade Mountains. It is however, a very pretty spot. In the summertime, I bet the pool is just as crowded with kids as any backyard pool.…
Kodachrome Basin Gargoyle #2 -

A Utah Adventure: Part 3, Kodachrome Basin

Angel’s Palace Trail High on the list of recommended places to visit along Utah Highway 12, is Kodachrome Basin State Park. The basin opens to the south. The state has tucked a nice campground up in its northern end. The visitor’s center was closed but camping and exploring were still…
Rainbow Planet -

Bubble Mania

This evening I was playing with bubbles Not the ones in the bathtub, rather some larger ones which have to be inflated to get to the size I wanted.
Springtime grass - Early tassle on a tuft of grass

Green Grass

Green Grass What do they call the tassel atop a stalk of grass?

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