Finding Direction by David Scott.

Midcourse Correction

This little corner of the world where I share my photographs is nothing more than an exercise in self-satisfaction. The trouble is this little corner of the world is quite hidden away. Some months ago, I was discouraged enough to make this site reflect my Instagram feed. Bad idea!

OK. So, I have reconstructed the site with the idea of it being a resource to others…

An Idea Formed in Hawaii

Followers may have noticed that I have been posting to a category I called Just a Moment. The idea was to publish at least one post each day while we were enjoying the Big Island of Hawaii. I did shoot enough to do this, but enjoying the beach seemed to get in the way of posting here 😕.

So, the idea.

The idea is that I will use Instagram as my “daily” posting tool. Daily is in quotes because I know I won’t be able to maintain a daily schedule 😉. The Just a Moment photo blog type posts will go there.

The idea is that I will use this site to provide a back story to those images. When you visit the Moments archive, you will find articles featuring the photos shared on my Instagram feed. There will be a broader, more personal story here which you can come back to at your leisure. You will be able to view those photos and more in our lightbox which provides a much better rendering than Instagram, in my opinion.

Not Much Change

So. Not much change then.

Northwest Moments is focused on Landscape Photography by me, Dave Scott.
The site provides three categories of work:

  • Articles about the places we visit as a Moment
  • A resource showing the beauty and location of these Places
  • And a resource for you and me about the technical part of this craft we call photography in The Rutter.

What’s Next

Catch Up

OK. We just returned from a month on the Big Island of Hawaii. I have a host of images captured on my Canon R6. A wonderful Christmas gift from my wife, June. The R6 has oodles of features that I am learning.


Living on the doorstep to Mt Rainier, down the street from Mt Baker and Mt Saint Helens, there are lots of local adventures waiting.


In April, I plan to attend the Outsiders Photography Conference in Kanab Utah. This was what took me to Utah in March of last year, but the conference was cancelled. I’m looking forward to visiting some of the locations I did last year, and some that I didn’t.

Strange as it may seem, I am hoping there will be more visitors in the parks. It was weird walking about some of the most popular parks in the country and only seeing just a few people.

Return to Malheur

I really enjoyed Malheur NWR last October. I have a great urge to return. It’s a bit out of the way to Kanab, but we shall see.

Eastern Washington

The Palouse is also calling. Liddy and I did a tour through there in the fall a few years ago. I think May might be a good time for another visit.

Wrap it up


Now we have an idea of where we are going in the near future. Perhaps Covid will be more controlled later in the year so we can get up to Canada again. We miss being able to visit with family, and I need to pay my respects to my late brother Tony.

But those are later moments.

For now…

Enjoy the Moment! Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Keep Shooting!

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