May Day

Yesterday was May 1st. May Day.

Yesterday was also a gorgeous day for a drive and a perfect day to complete a project our Grandaughter, Skylar’s teacher assigned to us. (Us? Assignment?)

So Skylar’s class has just finished reading the tale of Flat Stanley. The project was to create a Flat Skylar and send it to someone to tour about. Skylar had her teacher send Her Flat Self to us.

This is what we sent back.

Hey Skylar

Yesterday was May 1, 2019 – May Day!

Years ago, when I was a young lad about your age, May Day was an event to celebrate. It marked the real start to spring flowers and summer. There would be parties in the park and we, the young boys and girls would do things like dance around the May Pole. – You and your class should look that up.

Anyway, yesterday, Grandma, Liddy and I decided to take Your Flat Self on a road trip. It was a warm, cloudless day so why not.


The Elbe Lutheran congregation was founded in 1893 by settlers from Germany. For the first 13 years, services were held in members’ homes and the town hall

Elbe Evangelische Lutherrische Kirche was built in 1906. The building’s dimensions are 18 by 24 feet. The 46 foot high steeple is topped with a 4-foot iron cross forged by a local blacksmith. The steeple contains a railroad locomotive bell. Elbe Kirche ranks among the smallest in the nation.

Elbe Kirche is the seat of the area bishop who conducts a summer service. In the tradition of Elbe’s early pastors, the bishop arrives riding a bicycle.

Here is a photo of the Kirche, and another of us with Your Flat Self beside the historical monument next to the door of the Kirche.

Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad

Elbe is also famous for its steam railroad. The Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad.

Liddy was kind enough to pose for me in front of a line of Colored Cabooses that are now used as guest cottages – cool eh!

The railroad wasn’t operating yesterday so we will have to save that for another day. Maybe we can bring your Real Self and your brother Parker and go for a ride.

Riffe Lake

From Elbe we decide to continue south to the town of Mossyrock and then on to Chehalis.

It’s a very pretty drive. This photo of us with Your Flat Self at the viewpoint above Riffe Lake shows just how beautiful a day it was.

Mossyrock & Chehalis

At Mossyrock there is a garden shop with a lovely show garden. Your Grandma loved it and filled my car with lots of flowers.

Liddy had a good time too. It was her birthday so she got to have some fun.

I didn’t take photos in Chehalis. It is a pretty town on Interstate 5 that we can visit one day. Nice old buildings that are pretty to look at.

Oh and your Grandma likes the fabric shops there so yes, we will be back ?

There you go. Our May Day drive with Your Flat Self.

Thanks for coming along


Grandpa, Grandma & Liddy

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