Lupines and Sparrows

Who the heck are you? - A Savannah Sparrow perches atop a lupin while observing the silly human with the camera

[update] I’m not an avid birder so please excuse my earlier incorrect identification of this sparrow as a Pine Sisken.

On Saturday morning Liddy and I were down at the Van Lierop Park. As I mentioned in my previous post, this is a new park in Puyallup.

We were there because the park is covered with wild flowers, particularly Lupines. At sunrise, we arrived shortly after sunrise, the birds were very active. This was one of quite a number Pine Siskins who were flitting about.

Unfortunately I came with the idea of flowers and macro photography. I didn’t pack my 100-400. Did not even cross my mind that there would be birds willing to pose – ah well – was a great moment.

I think these shots are wonderful, don’t you?

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