Latourell Falls

Driving east from Vista House along the Historic Columbia River Highway, Latourell Falls deservers your time.

From the parking lot, take a moment to struggle up the steep path to the overlook. It’s not hard you will be rewarded by this view.

As I stated in the caption here, the moss that clings too the cliff beside the fall is always an eye catcher.

Once you have enjoyed this view, return to the parking lot and turn left. Follow the path along the creek to the base of the falls. There is a foot bridge over the creek. Follow that path and look back to see more photo opportunities.

Latourell Falls cascades into a pool before draing off into the Columbia River

This shot of the bowl at the bottom of the falls is cool, I think, because of the way the exposure has caused the cascade to mist over.

I keep going back to the log lying in the creek like a lazy crocodile. I find it peaceful and relaxing.

(Yes, I did flip this image horizontally – it feels better to me and it is my moment ?)

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