Last Embrace - An old, dead, Juniper is supported by the branches of a young, healthy one.

Last Embrace

While wandering about in Zion National Park today, I came upon these two Juniper trees. One very much alive, the other, not so much.

What struck me was the way the branches of the healthy one encircles the other.

Zion National Park

Some time last year I signed up to go to a conference in Kanab, Utah. Well, we all know what happened to that.

I also have an overnight tour planned, but more about that later.

Today, I was in Zion NP. Awesome place to visit.

No Shuttle Service

Normally a shuttle bus service takes visitors up the Zion Canyon as there are very few parking spots available and thousands come each year.

Today, the buses are parked. No groups greater than 10. That would include the buses.

Today, the hotels are basically empty. Want a room in a popular spot? No problem. They are available.

Trouble is, you will be dining alone in that hotel room with a meal from a takeout window.

Trouble is, unless you are a loner photographer, this isn’t a very fun thing. You can’t socialize with others. You won’t be able to meet new people while you are out and about.

New Opportunity – Get Outside

Sometime real soon now Netflix is going to get old. The spring equinox happens this weekend. Life does go on.

So, my recommendation is to get outside. Clean up your garden. You are going to be using it a lot this summer.

Plan some road trips – short ones – to places where you can enjoy the outdoors with your family. In the outdoors, you can keep space between yourself and others (measure it with your selfie stick.)

Pick up lunch from the takeout window. It doesn’t cost so much, and you are putting your entertainment money into the pocket of someone who may not be as well positioned as you.

Be Safe – Be Healthy

Most of all, be safe and be healthy. Look out for you neighbors, and as much as I enjoy your kids, keep them away from me till this situation clears up.

We don’t want you to be experiencing that Last Embrace

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