Iris’s by the pond

In my previous post, Going Wild, I talked about Sumner Meadows and how it is … well … Going Wild.

There are a number of ponds, and this one has Iris’s growing in a location I would not have expected. It was, of course, the splash of yellow that caught my eye.

I composed with the intention of leading your eye across the water. Reaching the weeds, move left leaving enough space on the edge to get around them. Then up the channel to the somehow out of place Iris’s. I like the barrier formed by the bullrushes in the background. A contrasting lighter green.

Not an exciting picture, but I like its calming effect.

The image was captured on the same day as the trees.

Dandelion seeds ready to fly. Each fluff sparkles in the sun.

I’m a sucker for Dandelion seed pods. The perfect sphere, the delicate parachute carrying the seed. And they sparkle. The add beauty to the meadows if not my lawn.

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