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Moments is where we file the travel and other non-technical articles. Here are the three latest posts or just jump to the Moments Category page

Latest Entries into the Rutter

Dave has a very technical bent. He worked in some form of Information Technology for over 40 years. The Rutter Category is where we file his articles explaining the hows and the whys.

About Northwest Moments and our Photography

Northwest Moments is the place where Dave Scott shows off his photography, talks about his travels, and sometimes lifts the curtain on some family and life matters.

 by Dave Scott.

Dave Scott

Dave is a retired computer geek who likes to explore the Pacific Northwest. He travels with his camera and his companion, Liddy, in a red Prius affectionately known as Princess.

Liddy on the Beach by David Scott.


Liddy is an Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Shephard Mix.
She is more than a pretty face. Liddy works as Dave’s Signal Dog.
(A signal dog is a service dog that alerts to sounds that its handler can’t hear)