Greenwell Farms

For a coffee aficionado, no trip to the Big Island would be complete without a visit to the coffee farms south of Kona.

Greenwell Farms is probably the biggest, with an excellent tour and tasting setup.

Table pepper is harvested from these vines that are growing up over the tree ferns. Greenwell has a diversified set of crops.

Located in Captain Cook, the farm is right off of the main highway. Lots of different types of excellent coffees to sample, and a team of very knowledgeable people make this my favorite.

The coffee berries or cherries, do not ripen all at the same time. Pickers will return to a tree 3 or 4 times to harvest them at their peak.
The cherries are delivered from Greenwell’s orchards or other surrounding farms for processing. Here the sacks are received and weighed.
After soaking for a time, they are run through a separator where the meat of the cherry is separated from the pit, the coffee bean we all crave.
The beans are spread to dry in the sun or, if the conditions aren’t optimal, with a propain powered kiln.

The Kona Coffee growers produce some of the best coffee in the world. Whether you are a coffee nut like me, or not, you should take the time to see how this hugely popular beverage is produced.

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