Going Wild

Woke up the other day to see a light fog outside the window. After rinsing the eyeballs to make sure that wasn’t the problem we jumped in the Prius and ran down to Sumner Meadows to see if we could find a shot.

While the fog is not quite as dense as I would like, it does add some atmosphere. I like the way the bull rushes act as a fence line, leading you right along the base. Then the pond takes you up to the grove of trees.

The utility shed wrecks it, but it isn’t too obtrusive for a post like this.

Sumner Meadows was, at one time, a 9 hole golf course. The course has been closed for some years and the fairways are not quite as fair as one needs for a good round.

Now the place is used as a wonderful walking park that lots of people enjoy with their dogs. The paths are great for young kids learning to ride a bike. The RAMS, the Radio Aero Modelers of Seattle have a landing strip in the southern half of the Meadows and they can be fun to watch.

Liddy loves the place. She has acres of grass to run free in, a pond to splash in (not this one), and the White River runs along the western edge providing her a place to swim and bathe. What more could a cattle dog ask for?

Liddy is such a patient pooch. While I spend hours staring through the viewfinder, she finds a comfortable spot to wait and keep an eye on me.

3 thoughts on “Going Wild”

  1. Lovely shots.
    I’ve always found fog difficult to photograph.. but then I don’t have expensive lenses and cameras to do it justice either.

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